We are a video production company based in Poland. We also deal with post-production. We have several years of experience in each of these areas.


We comprehensively deal with the entire filmmaking process. From the development of the idea and script, through the organization of the film set, to the filming and post-production. We also believe that your vision is very important. If you like, we can develop a video concept together.

Video is currently the most desirable and effective form of promotion. Films appeal to the recipient's emotions. This is an extremely engaging medium. Moving images stay in memory longer than traditional text. If you want to reach your client in a more effective way, give an important message or share your vision with the world, creating a film will be the perfect solution. We are happy to take care of the process.

What can we do for you:

  • promotional videos

  • music videos

  • commercials

  • social media videos

  • corporate videos

  • event videos

  • real estate videos

  • drone shots / videos

  • photo sessions

  • event / backstage photography


We believe that the ideas are the most important things and we have a lot of them. We can create the concept of the video or we can work it out together.


We approach each job professionally. We believe that competence and commitment allow us to achieve the best results.


Film and photography is our job, but also a passion. The passion for these arts means that we do not lose motivation.


We follow global trends and market development on an ongoing basis. When working, we choose the high quality gear and production methods.



The cost of video production depends on many factors. For this reason, we value each project individually. Would you like to cooperate? Write or call us. If possible, give us as much detail as possible about the video, such as:

  • length

  • the purpose of the video

  • what should be presented in the video

  • where the video will be shown

  • number of video versions (e.g. YouTube version, InstaStory, Instagram post, etc.)

  • any other relevant information

Such knowledge helps us to prepare a quote quickly and precisely.


If you're not sure what the right length of your video should be or what it should look like, we'll be happy to help.


Let's create a video together!

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